Prize Money

Top Teacher Prize Money and Student Awards

We are very excited to have your participation and are pleased to provide the following prizes and cash awards!

Teacher Prize Money


Top Teachers Prize Money

  • 1st $1800 (minimum 200 entries)
  • 2nd $1000 (minimum 160 entries)
  • 3rd $800 (minimum 130 entries)
  • 4th $600 (minimum 100 entries)
  • 5th $400 (minimum 80 entries)
  • 6th $200 (minimum 60 entries)
  • 7th $150 (minimum 50 entries)
  • 8th $100 (minimum 40 entries)

To qualify for top teacher award; A teacher must have a minimum of 200+ entries and be on ThreeDiamond A or B package and have student(s) competing in scholarship on A or B package. Any discounted entries such as proficiency, ptv, pt/j/y will not be eligible.

Points for Top Teacher prize money are awarded as follows:

Single Dance Entries

1 point per entry – 2 points for each call back

1st place – 5 points 2nd place – 3 points 3rd place – 1 point

Multi Dance Entries

3 points per entry – 1 point for each call back

1st place – 10 points 2nd place – 7 points 3rd place – 3 points

** If a placement is in an uncontested division the points would be halved. All points will then be added together resulting in the placements.

Student Awards

Top Students DIAMOND Scholarship Awards

To qualify:

Package Holders:
Student and Teacher must be on package and enter a minimum of 10 single dance events or 8 for smooth
two (2) or more multi-dance event per scholarship event.

Non- Package Holders:
Registration fee per couple. Must enter a minimum of 15 single dance entries or 12 for smooth
enter three (3) other or more Multi-Dance events per scholarship event.

Pro/Am Closed Scholarship & BestoftheBest qualifiers

  • 1st $75
  • 2nd $50
  • 3rd $25

Pro/Am Open Scholarship

  • 1st $100
  • 2nd $75
  • 3rd $50

Pro/Am Gentlemen Open Multi Dance Scholarship events.

  • 1st $75
  • 2nd $50
  • 3rd $25

Pro/Am Youth Dancers Scholarship 


  • 1st $40
  • 2nd $30
  • 3rd $20


  • 1st $50
  • 2nd $40
  • 3rd $20

Youth, Senior and Amateur Couples Open Scholarships 

 Ballroom or Latin    1ST $75      2ND $50       3RD $25

To qualify: Couples competing in scholarship must be on package plus enter 10 single dances in Ballroom or Latin to qualify
Non-Package holder: Registration fee per couple and  must enter a minimum of 15 single dance events
enter any three (3) other or more Multi-Dance Events in Ballroom or Latin to qualify.
Registration Fees include entry into the ballroom for the sessions in which you are competing.

Trophy & Diamond Awards
Top Overall Studio
Top Local Studio
Top Bronze overall Student (female/male)

Top Silver overall Student (female/male)

Top Gold overall Student (female/male)

Open overall Student (female/male)