Watch and enjoy Ballroom dancing close up and personal!

Tickets and Package Information

Spectator Session Prices

All Session Spectator Prices

Spectator Tickets

Adult J=Junior C=College

Morning               Session Ticket              A $15  J/C $10

Daytime               Session Ticket               A $20  J/C $15

Afternoon           Session Ticket                A $25  J/C $20

Package all Tickets                           Adults    $75

                                                              C/J         $45

Diamond Awards Gala Dance                   A $45   J/C $30

Program $10

Meal prices

ThreeDiamond Meals

A la cart meal tickets have to be pre-ordered by May 5th.

A la cart Prices for Meals

Breakfast Sun                                                  $55

Breakfast Mon                                                $55

Lunch                                                                $70

Dinner                                                               $95

All Meals                                                           $270